When’s the last time you remembered a cab ride?

978060241_1e6ff7493e_oIt’s easy to assume that your next experience in a cab will be like every other, no matter where you are. You tell the driver your destination and sit silently looking out the window or reviewing news and/or emails on your Blackberry or iPhone. Maybe you attempt some idle chit-chat with the driver. Whatever your protocol, chances are you forgot about the ride the moment you stepped out of the car. That’s why cabs are such an easy space to make memorable.

As Arturo Trovato writes, his recent experience in a Chicago taxi got him thinking about the simple things that can make the experience so much more enjoyable and even worth talking about.

A few minutes into the ride I asked my cabbie what gives. Why are you messing with me? Turns out he had this idea one day that people need a cab ride to be something more than a way to get from point A to point B. A cab ride should be about peace of mind and tranquility; a client should feel happier after experiencing the ride. The cabbie also told me that a cab should be a place where people can share their thoughts with those who ride after them.”


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